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Leading Edge Approaches and Tools

Market Analysis Tools

Flunger & Company has specialized in the use of sophisticated analytical tools based in management sciences: simulations, optimization, decision support sciences and statistics.

We use our deep know how of decision processes to explore and analyze consumer choices and preferences. Clients have regularly asked for our services to understand market dynamics. We have extensive experience with market segmentation using different cluster analysis and classification algorithms.

Instead of applying standardized methodologies we first understand the client’s issues to implement an analytical framework tailored exclusively for the client’s problem. We use statistical tools and methodologies to asses significant amounts of data and then analyze the results with decision support tools as multicriteria decision aid methodology.

Flunger & Company team up with market research companies, marketing agencies and technology suppliers to better address clients issues.

Scenario Planning

No one can definitively map the future, but we can explore the possibilities. At Flunger & Company we use scenario planning to help our clients anticipate what the future may hold and prepare ourselves more effectively. Like a set of maps describing different aspects of a landscape, scenarios provide a range of perspectives on what might happen, helping to navigate the business environment more successfully.

Exploration—of a territory or the future— involves not just analytical thinking, but also intuition and specific market sectors know how. Flunger & Company has been working with scenarios for many years, and team up with market specialist to enrich the strategic inquiry process. Our team counts on Senior Advisors and Market Experts in shipyards, energy and more specifically renewable energy, sugar-cane, green chem., consumer goods and retail.

Decision Support and Risk Analysis

Flunger & Company expertise in decision analysis has been applied to different business problem as investment analysis, valuations and project implementation.

We use decision support methodologies better equipped to address problems with high degrees of uncertainty and with limited information. First we evaluate the decision maker risk aversion/ susceptibility and his capabilities to mitigate risk. Then we identify and measure the different sources of uncertainty and their impact on risk. We integrate both analyses to build down-to-earth recommendations. This approach has prevented our clients to enter into business decisions not aligned with their strategy and objectives. Other clients have profited from this approach to develop strategies and action to mitigate risk and successfully enter in otherwise considered too risky environments.

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