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What we do

Flunger & Company is a “boutique” consulting firm with three lines of services: management consulting, interim management and investors support.

Significant experience has been accumulated mainly in the retail / consumer goods industry, manufacturing and energy sector. Other industries have been covered as airlines, media (Broadcast TV, Cable TV and Newspapers) and pharmaceuticals.

Management Consulting

Interim Management

Investors Support

We support our customers addressing complex business issues that range from defining business strategies to performance improvement in areas such as sales and supply chain. This is done through a typical project work model and using advanced analytical tools.

We provide organizations with management resources, expertise and leadership capabilities taking full responsibilities on key business functions. This offering is a highly valuable management resource for CEOs, Shareholders or Board Members that needs speed, expertise, objectivity and accountability.

We support companies in each of the stages of the Merger and Acquisition Process: Prospecting for investment opportunities, conducting strategic due diligence, negotiation support and completion of the deal as well as in later takeover and Post Merger Integration process.

Retail and Consumer Goods



We have significant consulting experience with the biggest food retailers in Brazil. In more recent engagements, we have worked for food manufacturers in several countries in Latin America in issues ranging from marketing and sales to supply chain optimization.

One of ours main capabilities is market analysis with leading edge approaches and technologies.

Flunger & Company have worked in recent years for leading pulp and paper producers, industrial equipments manufacturers and shipyards. Issues have ranged from strategy definition to sourcing development.

Our consultants combine technical backgrounds in relevant disciplines as engineering with business experiences to deliver business relevant results.

Procurement and supply chain optimization has been a recurrent issue addressed by our consultants for leading industrial conglomerates from Brazil and abroad.

Ranging from business development in the renewables energy sector through turnaround of power distribution companies our consultants have been active in the energy sector in Latin America. We have worked for business start ups, Private Equity Firms and multinational energy players.

Flunger & Company have a strong relationship with the leading Think Tank of the Brazilian Energy Sector. That brings to our clients a unique blend of strategic know how and deep market understanding.

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